Saturday, September 8, 2012

The real birthday gift.....

So I just realized that my earlier post with the chair wasn't actually a gift for my friends birthday but a thank you gift for a wonderful cake that she had made for me.  I think you can see from the picture even how good it was!!  I'm normally not one that likes Flan but I have to tell you, after tasting this cake....I guess I love it if it is made this way.

After realizing my mistake, I thought I should go back and post the gift that I actually made for her.  Another one of my great finds from Pick Your Plum.  I purchased the plain wood block with a sheet of metal.  I painted the metal sheet with chalkboard paint so it can be used with magnets or you can use it as a chalkboard and painted the wood block to coordinate with the ribbon and magnets.  Oh, and I even found mini magnetic erasers at Target to go along with it.

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