Saturday, September 8, 2012

The real birthday gift.....

So I just realized that my earlier post with the chair wasn't actually a gift for my friends birthday but a thank you gift for a wonderful cake that she had made for me.  I think you can see from the picture even how good it was!!  I'm normally not one that likes Flan but I have to tell you, after tasting this cake....I guess I love it if it is made this way.

After realizing my mistake, I thought I should go back and post the gift that I actually made for her.  Another one of my great finds from Pick Your Plum.  I purchased the plain wood block with a sheet of metal.  I painted the metal sheet with chalkboard paint so it can be used with magnets or you can use it as a chalkboard and painted the wood block to coordinate with the ribbon and magnets.  Oh, and I even found mini magnetic erasers at Target to go along with it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Birthday Oasis

On one of my trips to Target I came across these cute cellphone holder chairs.  I immediately thought of the beach and how cute it would be to make the chair into something more.  I had a friend notice my plain chair sitting on my desk at work and thought what a great birthday gift it would make for her if I pulled my idea together.  So to work I went......below is the finish product.  The little beach towel can be used to clean the screen too!!

Now how cute is it to have this sitting on your desk to hold your cellphone?  At least someone (or should I say something) should enjoy a little break sometime!

Back To School Teacher Gifts

So I really didn't plan well this year and was down to the wire trying to come up with a little gift for the kids to give their teachers on "Open Door Day".  The kids always enjoy giving their new teachers a little something to welcome them back and wish them a great year ahead.  This is what I came up with this year.  I had a few of these little post-it books that I picked up on Pick Your Plum which is a great site that runs specials each day that you can pick up at great prices.  I had a cut file for the apple but wanted to add the little worm so I quickly designed that and added it to the apples that I cut out, put it all together and then added the little eye balls.  I think they came out pretty cute and the teachers seemed to like them as well.